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Banana stem juice for diabetes banana stem is excellent for diabetes as it does not raise the blood sugar levels sharply it is high in fiber it will help people suffering from constipation banana stem juice keeps sugar levels in control it also reduces gall bladder stones and kidney stones here is a juice of banana stem for this we need banana stem Zira powder curd salt and pepper powder cut banana stem into pieces let's start the procedure take a blender jar place banana stem pieces some salt Zira powder pepper powder add some curd and little water and blend well take this juice into a serving glass do not strain or filter this juice because this juice is rich in fiber it is helpful to your body yummy banana stem juice is ready drinking a cup of this juice helps to treat as DT this juices treats urinary tract infections most of people do not use banana stem in their diet because it takes time to clean and to cut but banana stem once cleaned and cut can be soaked in buttermilk and kept in refrigerator every day you can take the required quantity and make juice if the buttermilk gets too sore you can replace buttermilk alone by doing this you can save time and you can use banana stem regularly in your diet by taking this juice regularly on empty stomach in early morning you can control diabetes amazing health benefits of banana flour the banana tree is the ideal to look up when it comes to no wastage policy all parts of banana tree can be used the most obvious is the fruit bananas that we eat almost daily but other parts of the tree also offer many health benefits here are some health benefits of banana flour it reduces free radical activity the presence of free radicals in the body can cause serious problems the extracts of menthol present in banana flower poses antioxidant properties these flowers perfectly handle free radical that causes damage to the body it treats many health issues such as premature aging and cancer manages diabetes and anemia intake of banana flour reduces blood sugar levels it also increases the total hemoglobin level in the body rich source of vitamins and minerals banana flash contains various vitamins like vitamin A C & E they also contains potassium and fibers this makes them an excellent health food and a source of healthy nutrients boosts mood and reduces anxiety if you are feeling down and out try banana flour they contain magnesium banana flies reduce anxiety and boost the mood they are natural antidepressants without any side effects helps nursing mothers new mothers face many problems when it comes to breastfeeding one of the major problems that they face in drilling milk supply banana flash boost the supply of milk that helps the new mothers feed their ink better reduces menstrual bleeding menstruation brings pain in many women some suffer from severe PMS symptoms while other bleeds excessively a cup of cooked banana flour can help to deal with these problems cooked banana flour along with curd or yogurt increases the progesterone hormone in the body and reduces the bleeding these are some of the benefits of banana flowers medicinal benefits of banana flower here are some benefits of banana flower banana flower reduces fat it cures stomach ulcers banana flower cures burning sensation in urination people suffering from pain and burning sensation in hands and soles of their feet can benefit from taking banana flour on regular basis bad breath and sweat odor can reduced by regular conception of banana flour male infertility can be overcome regular conception of banana flour kidney stones can be cured by taking banana flower burning sensation in the anal region can be cured with the conception of banana flower banana flower mixed with honey reduces white discharge in women banana flower reduces bad cholesterol and it purifies blood health benefits of banana stem juice the ripe banana is beneficial for health and so is the stem of the fruit in India there are many people who doesn't know the nutritional value of the banana stem and it's juice this stem juice is consumed to prevent diabetes help to beat constipation and all digestive problems and above all it aids in weight loss fast health benefit it fights diabetes to fight diabetes drinking one glass of this banana stem juice is beneficial for health the bitter nature of the juice regulates the insulin in the body stomach ulcers the other health benefits of banana juice is it helps in healing stomach ulcers due to its presence of its properties it detoxifies the body consume a glass of this fresh banana stem juice on an empty stomach practice this method for a week and you can observe affective changes in you rich in potassium since it is rich in potassium consuming this banana stem juice is important in keeping your immunity levels up fights urinary tract infections to fight urinary tract infections or UTI drink one or two glasses of banana stem juice it reduces the burning sensation in the utri cures constipation problems one of the best health benefits of banana juice is it helps in fighting constipation problems the ingredients present in the juice help to ease the stool it trolls as DT the banana stem juice is very healthy for those who suffers from constant as DT problems the juice helps to relieve you from chest burns and cuts the acidity level in the body helps in weight loss the properties present in the banana stem juice helps to cut calories and also keeps your tummy full good for kidney stones drinking this banana stem juice it helps to dissolve the kidney stones in short period of time as banana stem is having so many nutritional values therefore it is one of the main food to add to your tight banana stem juice benefits nutritional facts of banana stem the banana stem contains many nutrients that are vital for the healthy body here are some facts to get an idea of how healthy the banana stem is in countries like Thailand and India people don't waste any part of the food so they don't just eat banana but also the stem and the flower the banana stem is actually considered as a flat star and not a stem the flower stalk grows in such a way that it supports the entire plant people generally discard the outer layer of the stock but inside you will find a fibrous edible food item in many tropical countries they are used in curries and fried snacks having the banana stem in our foods will prevent constipation and ulcer as it contains sufficient fiber for our body banana stem juice for weight loss since banana stem is rich in fiber content and low in calories consuming it will make you feel fuller for longer hours and thus it is very good for people who are trying to shed weight health benefits of banana stem juice the banana stem contains a type of fiber which is efficient in eliminating fat from the body the fiber content present in the banana stem juice close the process of releasing the sugar fat stores in your cells into your bloodstream that helps you to get a steady supply of energy it keeps you regenerated for more ass and thus helps in losing weight effectively there are very few calories in banana stem juice and you can consume it without worrying about the weight gain as stated in Ayurveda the banana stem juice is very good for people who are suffering with kidney stones the diuretic properties of the stem juice are efficient enough to reduce the size of kidney stones how to prepare banana stem juice take the banana stem juice in raw form as it doesn't taste good so you can blend it with a few other ingredients to make the taste better one banana stem juice with buttermilk for this we need banana stem pieces buttermilk cinnamon powder and sugar let's start the process add banana stem pieces in buttermilk and soak them for overnight next day morning add pinch of cinnamon powder and 1 tablespoon of sugar in it mix well and blend in in a blending jar banana stem juice with buttermilk is ready it is so delicious and healthy – banana stem juice with lime for this we need banana stem sugar lime juice and salt cut banana stem into small pieces add some water soak them for one our after one our take a blender jar place the soaked banana pieces in it and blend well after blending strain the juice into a glass now add one tablespoon of lemon juice 2 tablespoons of sugar and a pinch of salt mix well serve it children banana stem juice with lime is ready third banana stem juice with apples for this we need banana stem water apple and sugar cut banana stem into pieces add water in it and soak it for one hour after one our take blender jar add soaked banana stem pieces in it apple pieces add some sugar add some water and blend well after blending it filter the juice in a glass now add few ice cubes and serve chilled banana stem juice with apple is ready to serve you can take this juice daily and there is no limit on the quantity too so have it whenever you feel an in need of it and get rid of your obesity and kidney stones banana stem benefits banana stem is rich in fiber it reduces fat in the body it is rich in vitamin b6 which improves hemoglobin and insulin levels in the body banana stem regulates blood pressure levels and promotes digestion here is a juice with banana stem for this we need banana stem ginger cumin seed powder salt lemon juice and onion now let's start the process cut banana stem into pieces and onions into pieces take a blender jar place banana stem pieces in it onion pieces cumin seed powder two tablespoons of lemon juice pinch of salt ginger pieces and some water now blend well after blending filtered this juice into a glass healthy banana stem juice is ready to serve this juice helps in removing kidney stones and helps in weight loss consume this on empty stomach in early morning for the best results thank you for watching this video like and subscribe for more videos you

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